Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Watchcat Wednesday 5/10

This weekend, Watchcat premieres at the Comicpalooza Film Festival as a part of the animation shorts program, Saturday, May 13th @ 1pm. Anyone visiting Houston, Texas this weekend should stop by Comicpalooza and let us know.

Saturday May 13, 2017 1:00 pm to 2:25 pm (Scroll down to last entry)

Dear Death : Stewball, a bipedal horse, is being stalked by Death, from his dreams to his cubicle job. Stewball writes a letter to Death, asking why he's being followed; Death replies, inviting Stewball to meet in the park. There, Stewball plays with a girl who reveals an unexpected perspective on life. SHORTSEEING : Who is that hooded figure "painting" all the buildings around with his dry brushes? Why does he keep repeating the same actions on different walls in other areas? The work of the mysterious artist starts to bother a policeman, since his routine always ends with an awkward encounter with the bizarre individual. The Pioneers of Fear : "In this comedic parody, a group of famous film icons meet for a weekly dinner party, where they reminisce about the past" Revelation - the City of Haze : Marketed Collecting : "Cheap collectibles (also known as manufactured collectibles) are objects made for one purpose only: to be collected. It could seem that the decision to purchase a collectible is only influenced by a peer or through a random find at a flea market, but in a lot of cases marketing has stepped in. Fake limited edition buttons try to persuade consumers to buy quickly; misleading articles on the rising value of a certain collectible promise instant profits; eBay alerts remind potential buyers of auctions about to close: all these incentives awaken competitiveness, just like a video of someone opening of new package of Poke'mon cards on YouTube wets the appetite of other collectors. Light at the End of the Tunnel : A music video featuring the 3 person band, Bel Heir, portrayed as animal characters who travel through forests, western towns, aboard trains on a search for the West Coast and the light at the end of the tunnel. Along the way leave the woods behind and find their way to the Southwest, along railway rides through the the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains, the San Gabriel Mountains and finally they reach the West Coast just off Malibu, California. The light at the end of the tunnel is the journey, the glowing sun that follows them along the way - and the final arrival at the Pacific Ocean. Seeking : I am a pessimistic person, I always struggle and stressed everyday, however, the more thing I have experienced, I discovered that there is lots of good thing in the world. This short animation is to show my dark side in my mind and how I feel towards the world like the universe and nature, it is a way for me to express my emotions and release my stress. I hope this short film can help not only me but the viewers to think in different ways, the world is so beautiful so there are so many meaningful and inspirational things to see and do, so try to stay optimistic and seek new ways. The Velvet Abstract : A Short Film About the Environmental Age from a Team Spanning Six Continents. Fowl Play : Inspired by the poor condition of where chicken live before they are eaten. The film is about a chicken having fantastic dream before it is killed. No matter how bad the situation it is, he always indulges in love dreams. Kansay's Glorious Death : "Kansay the Spider faces the demigod Tesshin at the Iron Gate. The Spider is one of 99 assassins sent to unleash Hell upon Earth from beyond the grave. ""Kansay's Glorious Death"" is the first chapter in Kansay's quest for power and revenge. Hell 99 follows the separate stories of 99 assassins. Each negotiate a variety of terms to perish from their mortal existence and descend into the many hells to seek out a target so big that it may unravel reality as we know it." Curse of the Wolf : A wolf searches for his daughter who disappeared mysteriously.  
Watchcat : Who is Watchcat? He's the crime fighting cat who protects your neighborhood.

Yesterday, I got a freelance opportunity to animate a very famous Mouse and for the next few weeks, he will be keeping me quite busy. Pretty sure I can't post anything more about it, so if I miss next Wednesday's posting, you'll know why.

Soon schools will be letting out for the summer break and during our summer, we are in the process of planning out storyboards for 4 future episodes, producing an animatic with a final soundtrack.

Our goal is to get funding for 4 Watchcat episodes to final animation and have a big enough budget to hire a crew. We are only considering setting up a crowd funding campaign, if we  can deliver the goods.


We are in the process of setting up an online store on this blog or somewhere else. We only have a few products ready to sell and you can see them here.

So until then, here's a cat with real fighting skills... Enjoy!

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