Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Sound Rolling

Last week, many Universities across the country held their commencement ceremonies. As an Instructor or Professor, you meet your students at the beginning of their education and you spend 4 years getting to know them and seeing what they might become.

Here's a very inspiring speech by Chadwick Boseman, the star of "Black Panther" to graduating class of Howard University.

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On Sunday, we got our voice talents together to record some dialogue for several future episodes of Watchcat. Getting the sound first always begins the process of making an animated project. Below is a "behind the scenes" look at our recording session.

Actors Andrew Jones and Rick Almada recorded their lines of dialogue while standing in front of a microphone in a very small soundproof room. This cramped environment allows for the best recording without any distracting background noises.

Both Andrew and Rick are professional actors and worked on their performances while the director worked on getting the best performance recorded.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Watchcat Wednesday for May 9, 2018

Well it finally happened. I have become a real cartoon character in a Senior film called "Hero", by Tucker Joneson and Andrew Hill. And if you go to Woodbury University's Annual Animation Showcase this Friday, May 11th, you will see this film and other great student animated films as well. The fun begins at 6pm, hope to see you there.

Last Saturday, I went to Career Day at CSUN in Northridge, CA where I met many students and got to take a look at their work. I also gave them Watchcat postcards and told them about our project. We are hoping to involve more students of 2D animation in the making of future episodes, with the understanding that since we can't pay them at this time, we could pay them in other ways. We would allow them to use the finished scenes for their portfolios and would give them screen credit.

Its not a lot, but to get a copy of an animation scene that you helped create, might lead to more work for the both of us. We get an animated scene, they get a copy for their reel, screen credit and animation experience. We personally would love to be able to pay artists, but presently we are in hobby mode. That world were you have to prove that this idea is going to work or not. The only way it will is to produce something that can be shown later on with the hopes that an audience will want to see it.

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I mentioned before, we figured out a few character flaws for Watchcat because no one wants to see a perfect superhero who always catches the bad guys. Besides claws, our cat needs some character flaws, you want to see what happens to him. Its a part of Storytelling, look at Finding Nemo. Nemo has a smaller fin to deal with and succeeds with it when he does. Marlin, his dad must overcome his fears in keeping his only son safe.

Character flaws have an effect on your Character design, which we didn't think about because we were only concentrating of the character design and animation. A lot of the portfolios I saw, many had samples of Anime inspired characters. 

It was refreshing when I see a portfolio with the student's personal style; with maybe 10% Anime, 90% their personal style. I always get inspired by seeing others artists work.

Last week, we posted our Halloween script and this weekend we are recording dialogue tracks. Andrew Jones performs as Watchcat with Rick Alamada playing Mikey. We are planning to show you a "behind the scenes" video of them for our next Watchcat Wednesday posting.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Watchcat Halloween First draft

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The Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter’s Kitten Foster Program (KFP) needs your help! We are recruiting new foster volunteers for the 2018 season. 

Each year hundreds of kittens end up at the Burbank Animal Shelter. The Shelter does not have the space to house them all. 

The Kitten Foster Program saves 200+ tiny kittens each year by providing care in temporary foster homes until they can be adopted. Many kittens are only a few days old and require bottle feeding and help learning how to eat on their own. Others are weaned and just need a safe home to live in until they reach adoption weight. 

We need you help to save all of them! Prior experience is not necessary, just a love of kittens! KFP will provide training, support, and all supplies. We are especially in need of fosters who can bottle feed! 

Please go to http://thevbas.org/kitten-foster-volunteer to learn more and sign up. Thank you!

We still want to contribute to the Burbank Animal Shelter by helping us donate $100 to their cause. From all our blog viewer's, (that's you) ad clicks, we've only got $13.56 more clicks to go before Google will send us a $100 check. We have $2.82 for May so far. It's not a lot, but every ad click helps us reach that goal. If you can't find the ads on your phone, use your laptop. Thank You!

So, what's up with Watchcat? Glad you asked. 

Below is a script of our Halloween episode we hope to complete before Halloween. We also will bring you more production news about this episode throughout the Summer months. Any feedback is helpful, let us know what you think of it and keep clicking those ads...

Watchcat Halloween Special. Draft 4/25/18

Ext. House - Night.

On the Front Porch,  Tommy a black cat is sitting licking his paw next to a Jack-O’-Lantern watching kids going by in their Halloween costumes.

Tommy the Cat narration:

I really hate Halloween.  Some call us unlucky, others  like messing with black cats. It's the one holiday I try to stay away from, but not Mikey.

Tommy is interrupted by Mikey,  a kitten who is all dressed up in a cape costume.


       Beware Doers of Evil, I am,

     (Mikey strikes a heroic stand)
                    Pussy Willow!!

                            Pussy what??

         Pussy Willow.  
                        I’m gonna be Watchcat’s Sidekick.

                        What’s a Watch Cat?

Tommy, You've never heard of Watchcat?!  
He’s the protector the neighborhood!
I once saw him beat up four robbers, all by himself. It was Incredible!
As Mikey keeps talking,  Tommy hears something, turns his head to look down the street.
                                              Mikey's VO
   over next few scenes:  
                       He is the champion of the underdogs and
                       Kittens everywhere. when there’s trouble, 
                       He’s the crime fighting cat that comes out
                       of the shadows to help.

Cut to:  Two tall Bullies dress in skeleton costume‘s picking on a little kid dress in a shower curtain.

Bully skeleton #1,  The little kid reluctantly gives up his bag.
Bully skeleton #2 Snatches the bag from the kids hands.
                                           Bully skeleton #2:
                        Trick or Treat! Ha ha!

They both laugh as the little kid runs away.

Cut to: Tommy watches and transforms into Watchcat as he to growls. Close up on Tommy’s eyes changing.

Cut to: Mikey, still is talking.

                I heard that he’s invisible and is bulletproof too!!

Oblivious to what’s going on around him. Watchcat Transformed, exits Porch.
Cut to: Ext. Alley- Night

The two bullies are sitting in the alley going through the bag of candy.
                                       Bully skeleton #1:
                This kid got all the good stuff.
The two bullies are suddenly covered by a giant shadow as they look up.

                                     Watchcat shadow: 

The two bully scream in terror as they drop the bag of candies and run out of the alley.

Cut to: Ext. Neighborhood street- Night

The little boy sadly walking back to his home and then we see Watchcat walking next to him with the bag in his mouth.

The little boy stops in total surprise.

Watchcat places the bag of candy next to the kid's feet.

Little boy looks with excitement.

Little boy: "Thanks Watchcat."

Cut To: Ext. house-Night
Mikey still talking on the porch next to the Jack-o’-Lantern. Watchcat steps into frame behind  him, changing back into Tommy. Mikey doesn't even notice.

                   I’m telling you, Watchcat is no ordinary cat!

                   Oh, my head!! What just happened??

Mikey turns to Tommy.
                                    He’s a true Hero!!
                    Hero? Great, can’t wait to meet him!!
Camera Pulls away from both Cats sitting on the Front Porch.

Will this be less than a minute? Will you watch it? Will we get this out in time?

Stay tuned and see!


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Watchcat's Next Adventure

We've got a whole new Watchcat episode idea in the works for this Summer and without spoiling too much, we have changed our main character who now doesn't know he's the hero of the neighborhood. 
This new adventure will take place on Halloween night, and
will feature, a smaller cat named Mikey who only dreams of being Watchcat's sidekick. We are currently finalizing the storyboards and will feature a "behind the scenes" glimpse into the upcoming recording session.

We only have $16.67 in ad clicks to go in order to reach our $100 goal. Clicking on the ads won't cost you a thing, no signups; just a click and you are done. Our goal is to donate the income to an animal shelter once we get a check from Google.  All we need is your help clicking on the ads.

Summer will be here soon and I want to take advantage of my break by sharpening my Toon Boon Harmony skills. I also am looking for anyone interested in animating a 2D scene or two, that I can send them. 

Drop me an email heyjimr@gmail.com and a link to your work. We are planning to release this episode the week of Halloween.

And speaking of other superheroes, Infinity Wars is releasing this week and we at the Watchcatfiles will bring you a review as soon as we see it. If you see it before us, let us know what you thought of it, no spoilers please. Email the above address.

And in conclusion, here's a plug for Woodbury University's upcoming animation showcase of student work. If you are available on May 11th, stop by and enjoy the show!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Live WC Blogcast Today @ 7:30pm PDT

Our new Live Blogcast was to see if we could handle a live show. We babbled on about Watchcat and other stuff, but we haven't obtained the fandom to warrant for a Live Blogcast. So we are sticking to edited episodes in the future.

We showed a past blogcast where we announced we had reached 5,000 views. Today, we are up to 31,312 views and thankful for every one.

We did get some more ad clicks and only have $17.39 ad clicks to go. Please keep the clicks a coming!

Thank You!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Watchcat Blogcast this WW!

WW means Watchcat Wednesday and we will attempt to have a LIVE from Burbank, CA Watchcat Blogcast this Wednesday, April 18th at 7:30pm PDT!

I'm testing out my new computer and we will be having a live streaming broadcast on our Watchcat Films channel on Youtube. Subscribe and Save the date, stop by to see us babble about all things Watchcat and more.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Watchcat Pre-Infinity War

We at the Watchcat files are looking forward to the next Avengers adventure known as "The Infinity War" which is due out April 27th. It seems that every single superhero is going to be helping out from Blank Panther to the Guardians of the Galaxy. Take a look at the trailer below and see what you think.

We think this is a pretty nice trailer since it only gives you a taste of excitement to see the different marvel characters coming together in one movie. It doesn't over sell the effects or story points as most trailers do where you feel like you've already seen the whole film. Are you ready to see this film?

I'm wondering if there will be a classic song when the Guardians of the Galaxy join in during the battle?

Many have asked us, if Watchcat will be making an appearance in a film like this and the answer is "Yes". We would love to have Marvel studios help us produce our next episode in exchange for a cameo of Watchcat, running through a scene or two. 

For now, a lot of other things are taking away our attention and time at the moment. We have discovered that we are up to 30,755 viewers of this blog. And top 5 countries views are as follows...

United States
United Kingdom

We are also almost at our $100 goal and can almost feel that Google check in our paws. Only $18.56 away in ad clicks and we got only 2 clicks this month so far, generating .44 cents. We appreciate every click we get and will donate our Google check to our local Animal Shelter. Ad clicks don't cost you anything, but it does show Google that you support our blog and let's us know you care. Thank you for the ad clicks!

Let us know what you think of the upcoming "Infinity War". Are you planning to see it? Planning to avoid it? We are your thoughts about it? We would love to hear your thoughts.

We are planning for another live Blogcast, since I have a faster computer and want to test it out. More details to come.