Wednesday, January 17, 2018

January Resolutions

I will return to working on Watchcat, by putting together a pitch package. I just found out about the Batman 66 exhibit at the Hollywood Museum, which we will visit and post about it later. 
Until then, enjoy this:

Here's another hero inspired by Watchcat. This epic fight scene from Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury (1972) was a big inspiration for our first fight scene in Watchcat.

I already broke one by not sending out a Watchcat Wednesday post last week. I do have a good excuse, I've been very busy getting ready to teach 5 animation courses and I'm still a part time Adjunct. One class that took a long time to put together is a brand new shiny animation class called, for now "Senior Studio Research Seminar". 

Its a class to review the 3 important elements of Story, storyboarding and animation principles when making a short animated film. I will also be teaching a CG Animation class geared more to showing students how to animate in Maya and I have two students who want to do independent study projects.

While all this is going on, I will return to working on Watchcat, by putting together a pitch package. I just found out about the Batman 66 exhibit at the Hollywood Museum, which we will visit and post about it later. 

I know it sounds painful, but we've reached 69% of our payment threshold. This is what I 've been begging everyone to click the ads for.

This means, we have reached $69.40, but Google won't send a check until the Payment threshold: $100.00 has been reach, so please click those ads everything you visit this blog.

Any Comments, Suggestions, let them below.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The first Watchcat Wednesday of 2018

This video is up to 119 views already.
Happy New Year and Welcome to the first Watchcat Wednesday of 2018! 
We ended 2017 strong with 577 views to our Happy holidays from Watchcat films 2017 and 382 views to our Watchcat year in review . We also increased our Watchcat Films subscribers to 122 and ended the year with 20,503 all time views to this blog.  

We enter the New Year with an earning balance of $69.40 from ad clicks from 2017. Our hope this year, is that your ad clicks (to the left and below) will generate our first Google check. This check will be given to a local animal shelter in the name of Watchcat and we will post the results when it happens. After that, we promise not bug you anymore about ad clicks. We just want to see how this process works.

Other New Year's Watchcat resolutions include.
  • Finish what was started in 2017 with a Watchcat Xmas Holiday episode to be released this year. 
  • Storyboard future episodes.
  • Work on building a team of talents to help us with future episodes.
  • A Stop Motion Watchcat project.
 and a few other surprises...
Have a Happy New Year and Thank you for supporting Watchcat! Keep clicking those ads.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Watchcat Year in Review

Its my birthday today and the last Watchcat Wednesday of this year. We've gathered some fun facts and figures, that you simply must hear.

Watchcat Films, our Youtube channel, I am proud to say,
has grown from 96 to 121 subscribers up to this very day. Our Watchcat files blog views have also increased in size. In June, we had 14,691 and now we're at 20,250, what a surprise! We had the most views from just last week's posting, with over 453 views, and I'm not boasting. Last week our world audience views did grow. Here's only 5 countries that we will show.

United States
United Kingdom
Please send this link to friends and family!

It has been a good year for this Watchcat blog. We introduced you to the real Catman, Brian Wegaman and his Watchcat group in Morgan County, Indiana.

In April, at the Burbank Arts festival where we promoting Watchcat to passers-by and selling our Watchcat wares.

Our film appeared at the following film festivals from the Planet 9 film festival to Comicpalooza, and the World Animation Celebration.

We hope to enter more festivals in 2018 and are currently working on a new Watchcat episode with interest in pitching future episodes. We also started the new year with an ad clicking campaign and have been asking viewers to click on the ads. 
In June, we had $36.18 in ad clicks and we end 2017 with $67.62. We hope to raise over $100 in 2018 and finally donate the Google check to a local Animal Shelter with your help. Only $30 in clicks to go! Thanks to everyone who has been clicking and please continue to click,we are getting to our goal.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Happy Holidays from Watchcat Films 2017

The Christmas Spirits move in mysterious ways and sometimes, you don't always get what you wanted. Case in point, we wanted to release our Watchcat Xmas episode, but fell short this year. Everything that could go wrong during the production, did!  I'm really hoping Santa will give me a new computer this year (hint, hint).

And so, instead of releasing half an episode or a rushed version, we've decided to finish it right by releasing it next year. It was a hard decision to make, but it will be worth the wait.

We still want to wish you a great Holiday Season and thank everyone for their views and subscriptions to this blog and our Watchcat Films Youtube channel. We are up to 119 subscribers and looking for more. Please subscribe or let friends know about Watchcat and you'll get new Watchcat animation updates in the new year.

Check out the next Watchcat Wednesday, the final of 2017!
And Thanks again for the ad clicks, we've only got $40 to go!
So not to be a Scrooge, here are a few animated Holiday cards for you to enjoy. Feel free to send the links to your friends and family.

Snowman Magic from Toondini on Vimeo.

The Beginning of Watchcat...


Check out the next and final Watchcat Wednesday of 2017!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Counting down to Christmas

Making a project on a tight deadline is a real challenge and 
I was hoping to have our Watchcat Holiday card for this posting, but I've been fighting Murphy's Law all the way on this one. I will post it in the next few days, so be sure to check out our Watchcat Facebook page when it comes out.
We would like to thank Andy Jones and Rick Almada for their voice work in our upcoming Holiday short, "Tis the Season" and Soloman (Sal) Carreiro for his animation help as well.

Sal's an animation student at Woodbury University in Burbank,CA, who returned to his home in Fall River, MA, to help clean up Scene 5; the Bad Guy punch to camera. It was a small scene, but we really appreciated the extra help. Thanks Sal!

BTW, the scene was based on this footage of Chuck Norris punching at the camera.

And speaking of the Bad Guy.

The winning entry of our "Name this Bad Guy" Contest goes to Peg Foley of Albuquerque, New Mexico for her entry "Toodles McGee!" Peg wins an official Watchcat button!
Thanks again to everyone who have been clicking on the ads. Last week, we got $3.00 in ad clicks raising our total to $59.22. Only $40.78 more clicks and Google will send us a check which we intend to donating to a local Animal Shelter.
So click on the ads and click often. Thank You!

19,000 all time blogviews and growing! 
Next posting will be on last Watchat Wednesday of 2017, be sure to join us for Watchcat: Year in Review
You like? Let us know and Happy Holidays!  

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Watchcat Wonderland

Here's behind the scene footage of Rick Almada's recording session from last week.
This week, I have been working on the Watchcat Holiday episode and l'm happy to report that people are clicking on the ads. Last week, we raised $2.00, it doesn't sound like much, but every ad click helps us raise funds for a local animal shelter. We will tell you more about it when we reach our $100 goal and get a check from Google. Right now we only at $58.22. Thanks for clicking the ads and keep clicking!

Every time this year, if you still watch TV, you might have seen this commercial.
And speaking of ads, before Watchcat, I animated the Yellow M&M in this commercial which always seems to play this time of year. I was surprised to see that they have made a Part 2 to this story and in case you missed it, here's what happens next. 
Which commercial do you like the best? 

I have about 9 scenes which I'm animating and I'm feeling that I might not be able to make my deadline. If that's the case, we will definitely have something to show you next year. 
In any case, I found this amazing cat video which could be Watchcat when he was younger.

And one more from Andrew Jones...

Name our Bad Guy Contest!
Give us a name for this bad guy in Comments section and win a Watchcat pin. 1 name per person. 

XmasTestSc07 from Toondini on Vimeo.
One winner next blog post!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tis the Season...

This weekend, we recorded dialogue for our new Watchcat Holiday short called "Tis the Season". Meet our voice actors, Andrew James Jones and Rick Almada.
Andrew and Rick can be seen in the upcoming feature film "Noir", but you'll hear their voices first on the rough animatic below. Andrew will be voicing Watchcat, while Rick Almada will be playing 3 other characters including a young guy, an old lady and our big bad guy.

We asked our watchcatfiles viewers to give this new bad guy a name and the best one will win a Watchcat button. Here are the names we got so far...

Bowler, Boris, Thumper, Jim's demented brother, Chuck, Mugsy and Toodles McGee.

Still time to enter! Give us a name to the bad guy above in the Comments section below. One name per entry, the Winner will be posted next Watchcat Wednesday.

Can one animator finish this Holiday episode in time! 
Thoughts, comments, opinions, ad clicks?

$56.22 have been generated over the past year in ad clicks on this blog, but we need more ad clicks. Please click on the ads every blog visit to help us raise money to donate to an Animal Shelter. 4 clicks have generated $1.68 already, the more ad clicks, the more money.
Google will only pay out when we have reached over $100 in ad clicks. Thanks for clicking!

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