Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Watchcat at Burbank Arts Fest

When I was a kid, I set up an art stand on the sidewalk outside my house. Instead of selling lemonade, I set out my watercolor paintings, drawings and a bunch of shell necklaces that I made. That venture didn't turn out so good back then, but this weekend made up for it! 

We want to thank all the nice people who came up to our table at the Burbank Arts Festival and asked "What's Watchcat"? We told them about our webseries and we sold a bunch of buttons and Watchcat T-shirts to help fund the next episode. We gave out Watchcat postcards and stickers to anyone who stopped by our table. We got to meet people and tell them about our Watchcat episodes on our Youtube channel and invited them to subscribe. And since this is Burbank, CA, we had a few celebrities who also came up to our table to say hello..

We were very lucky enough to meet a variety of celebrities including this dog who thinks he's a cat , known by his owner as Chewbacca T. (the) Wookie. Chewy became a big fan of Watchcat this weekend, he even got a sticker!

Next, a very famous hand crawl up onto our table. Do you remember "Thing" from the Addams Family movies? Thing was in all 4 films and is owned by Christopher Hart, Magician and Burbank resident. He even gave us a Hi-Five!
But as Thing quickly scurried away, Captain Hook stopped by for a quick photo op!

And then, the Talents of Tomorrow, several of my Woodbury Animation students stopped by to say hello and got a few Watchcat doodles added to their collections. 
Megan Pinkston,  Lubna Abedin, Unknown Artist, Julissa Padilla got Watchcat Doodles!
While Mark Bustamante another one of my animation students, purchased a one of a kind Watchcat drawing...

And then it was back to more Doodling...
And when no one was looking, I drew this dog character we are developing for a future episode. We had just taped this drawing to our table so it wouldn't blow away, when...
This guy came around the corner asking to buy the sketch!
At this point a cash register bell from many years ago chimed and soon I was drawing sketches the rest of the day...

Here's one I did for Ricardo Flores who created this wonderful handmade cover to his sketchbook that now contains a original sketch of Watchcat and Mindy!

This weekend, I set up our table of artwork to sell and this time, there were a lot of interesting people who stopped by to say hello which made the 8 year old artist kid in me smile again.

We learned a lot this weekend. Next time, we will have a variety of shirt sizes, more buttons, stickers and a new episode to show and promote. We are in the process of setting up an Online store for these and future products, so keep checking this blog. Thanks again to all the new fans of Watchcat that we met and we hope to do this again next year!

Did you visit our table? Visit our Watchcat Films Youtube channel and subscribe or leave us a comment below! 

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