Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Watchcat Rough Animatic 04

We have been working on a new series of Watchcat adventures which begins with Episode 4. Below is a very rough animatic of the first of a 5 part webisode which we will be releasing once a week. This is work in progress and we invite your comments and feedback, if there's anything that is confusing or doesn't make sense, please let know and we will make the changes.

I know its rough, but the last scenes show the bad guy watching the police helicopter fly away. He leans back to breath a sigh of relief when we spots Watchcat looking down at him. We cut to black and hear Watchcat's voice say "Gotcha".

We also will improve the animatic by adding sound effects and appropriate music cues, this first animatic uses wall to wall mood music to help our Music Composer come up with the final track.
Here's your chance to help us make this the best possible episode with your comments and suggestions. Be a part of the creative process, leave a comment. The next episode will continue the story where we left off next Watchcat Wednesday. 

Here's a link to our next episode: http://watchcatfiles.blogspot.com/2017/05/watchcat-rough-animatic-05.html

The tip jar is working!

Ever since we let you know that Google counts ad clicks, converts them into money and eventually will send us a check after a goal amount is reached. We discovered the clicks have been happening more and in fact in April, $3.63 was generated by 6 ad clicks. So far for May, we are at $4.38 with 9 clicks. Keep clicking, you are helping!

Again, we want to use this as a donation and to promote Watchcat. For years, my family and I have helped foster kittens at our local Animal Shelter and would like to hand them a check from the earnings of this blog. So far, we are at $31.55 and Google doesn't pay out until $100 or more has been reached.