Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Watchcat Donation plan

I have mentioned in past posts, if you like this blog, you can click on the ads to help support what you see. I setup an Adsense account about a year ago and to date I have only collected about $19 bucks in ad clicks. Google will only pay out when the amount goes over $100.00. At the rate of ad clicks I'm getting so far, I might not see that Google check until a few years or more from now.

To speed up this process, I am willing to donate the Google money I receive to a local animal shelter when everyone clicks on the ads from now on! I've volunteered at our local animal shelter in the past and we even fostered kittens for a bit. I've even thought about making a Watchcat Public Service Announcement to help them promote any upcoming special events.

Sound like a good plan to you? If so, let me know what you think about it? And start clicking on those ads to help out dogs or cats.

And speaking of Watchcat, I'm still working on it...