Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Borrow from the Best

During the production of Watchcat Episode 2, we wanted to show how the bad guys get taken out by Watchcat. Originally, Watchcat was revealed as a monster/demon cat after he attacks the Big Thug, but after studying the animatic a few more times, we came up with a better solution.

The following sequence was taken from a famous Bruce Lee scene from "Chinese Connection". In fact, here is the live action scene that we used as a reference in our big ending fight scene.

When our big thug watches the little guy getting scratched by Watchcat, he looks scared. Next, we see a close shot of our cartoon Watchcat, licking the blood off his paws as he  stares back at the big thug. The cat then spits to the side and continues to stare at his opponent. We cut back to the big thug becoming angry and then he runs at the cat. 

Watchcat quickly recoils and leaps into the air. Both characters coming towards each other as the cat goes up into a flying kick pose. The kick hits the big thug, sending him crashing into the background. The cat yowls in victory. 

We went through a lot of variations on this sequence and we wanted the cat to leap up in slow motion. In animation, slow motion means more drawings, which means more time spent on this scene.

These are a few of the scenes I am currently finishing up. I would love to get your feedback on this. Please send me your thoughts in the comment section below. Several kind readers have been clicking on the ads and maybe one day we will see a check from Google. But for now, its timing to get back to the cat.