Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Up to 9,000 views!

For this Watchcat Wednesday, I am pleased to announce that we have reached 9,000 all time views on this blog. We are definitely coming to the end of production on Watchcat episode 2 with only 3 scenes to finish and a few scenes to tweak.

I want to thank everyone who clicked on the ads to help send a donation to our local animal shelter. Please continue this everytime you read a new Watchcat files post and I'll let you know when we reach over $100; right now $23.96 has been raised so far.

The only thing I can show is this reference footage of me acting out a scene to show in my animation class. Animators need to be able to act or imitate a character they are animating with a pencil or a computer. Please enjoy my brilliant acting performance, ha right.

Watchcat has been the longest personal project I have ever worked on and have stayed with to completion. I am really close to finishing and thanks to all 9,000 and more people for viewing this blog over the last few years. I am hoping to finish this up and show you the final results on the next posting.