Tuesday, July 19, 2016


No more live blogcasts on Youtube for this cat. We tried another one and while doing a test, we played a Tex Avery cartoon called "The Cat who hated people". During the test, Youtube alerted us that we were showing copyrighted material and immediately shut us down-- Worldwide! Our apologies to Warner Bros, Youtube and the late great Tex Avery.
This was not a good way to start a blogcast.

So, these are the last few days of the NOIR Indiegogo campaign and we are hoping everyone can give anything they can to help finish this film. 85% principle photography has been completed and a few more bucks will help push it to the finish line. Greg and Tony knew making a film was hard, no matter what the length, but it is possible to do. Here's our last minute plea for your support.

Thank you to all our backers, every little bit helps and let your friends know about this
Indiegogo campaign for NOIR https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/noir--5#/
Please send a little cashola their way and help them fund their film. 

And tell em, "Watchcat sent me..."