Thursday, July 21, 2016

Drawing Mindy

I want to thank everyone who took at look at the NOIR Indiegogo campaign and made a contribution. Making any film project no matter the length is a huge undertaking which takes a lot of time and expense to do it right. The campaign has raised $ 4,175 by 105 backers.

I am still working on the last 15 scenes of this epic by myself and hoping to finish it in August or September of this year, 2016. I want to post some scenes, but I'm afraid I'll spoil it for you. So, here's Scene 7 as a work in progress. This is just the first pass and I will post revisions later on


I'm also offering another drawing tutorial of sorts featuring Mindy, a character briefly seen in Episode one. This time I'm drawing in Photoshop for a change and letting Mindy talk to you.
Do you like Mindy's voice? Which version did you like the best? Or were you creeped out by both? Please let me know your opinion by leaving a comment below. If we make another episode featuring Mindy, we will probably get a real female voice and use these as temp tracks. 

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