Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stay in the Light!

Lots of gears are in motion right now as both Greg and I are busy doing other things. For one, Greg's Indie Go Go campaign for "NOIR" is up and running. Here's a link to this independent feature film that needs your help asap.
As for myself, I'm still working on a freelance project that I have been documenting the process on  Animateducated blog.

We are happy to welcome two fine artists who are tag teaming to help us produce the next WatchCat episode. Introducing Rachel Morels and Anika Fisch! They are both currently attending Woodbury University, taking tons art and animation classes, eating, sleeping, breathing animation and helping us with background artwork. 

The background below was created from my rough layout drawing by Rachel Morales. Here's a link to her website!

Here's a rough motion test...

At the end of the scene, the camera moves towards the Police station and will dissolve into an interrogation room where we will see one of the bad guys.

Here is a rough layout drawing of the interrogation room.

The final background was created by Anika Fisch. Here's a link to her website!
And for all you animation geeks out there, we can reuse this background in a later scene by simply flipping the image.

So there you go, please visit the Noir Indiegogo campaign and stay in the light!