Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It was a dark and cruel night...

As we are working on the next WatchCat episode, I keep seeing cats at various houses and apartment buildings in my neighborhood. Each cat I see, looks as if he or she is guarding the place. Maybe they know I know their secret story and now are watching me...

I have a cat named Moe, who doesn't act like a cat. Once after a shower, most cats will avoid the water that's left behind. Moe will jump into the tub of water and stand there looking down at his soaking paws, he has no fear of water. Moe likes to study water and watches the moving drops go down the drain. 

He also recently showed me that he likes to play fetch with a Nerf dart bullet.

As I mentioned, both Greg and I have been busy on other projects and hope to get back to working on Watchcat in the next few weeks. In 2007, Greg and his friend Lee Anthony Smith, wrote "War" with Jet Li and Jason Statham and now are making their next feature called "Noir". They are busy getting ready for their Indy gogo campaign, which will be beginning on February 2rd. Here are some great pictures of the cast, soon to be famous.



I have also been helping out on the film as well as working on my own freelance animation project. Here are a few "making of" photos from Noir.

                                                               Until next time...