Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year Mankind!

Hopefully you had a happy holiday and are getting use to writing down the new year of 2015. It was a good break, but now we all have to start making those New Year's resolutions come true and for me its working on WatchCat Episode 2.

Over the Holiday, I tried boosting our first episode on Facebook just to see what $5 of advertising could do. I am no web guru, but Facebook advertised WatchCat episode to everyone we knew and their friends. I got this data sheet saying we had reached 1574 people and by adding more money to the budget we could reach twice as many. However, only 7 people actually clicked on our youtube video, so I'm really wondering if someone can explain how this all works or at least a little bit?

The other thing we are trying to do is get our WatchCat website up and running for the new year. We are working on that one and learning all about how fun website hosting can be!

This is an establishing shot which begins our second episode. Its a panning shot from the top of the buildings, moving down to street level and then towards the Police station. To make this background, I usually need to find a few reference photos to help me out with the colors and textures. Here are are a few images I like so far...

The next time you watch a movie or TV show when there is an exterior night scene, notice if the street is wet or not. Chances are it will be, this is because a wet pavement reflects light and adds to the scene by showing the street more. I'll continue to work this background and will show its progression along with other artwork.

Watchcats are around and if you're lucky, you might even spot one on duty. Here's one I found guarding this apartment building. If you spot any Watchcats in your neighborhood, send in your photos if you can take their picture...

Until next time...
 Happy New Year Everybody.

One of our New Year's Resolutions is to use Animate Pro for this next project.