Monday, June 5, 2017

Watchcat Pre-Production

We reported last week that our Watchcat eye logo was used in another person's Youtube video without our permission.
Since we are not a corporation like Disney or Dreamworks, it seems Youtube really can't do anything about it. 
Cat Kitty Fidget Spinner EDC ADD ADHD

Hi WatchCat Films,
Thank you for your notification. It appears you have made a claim on behalf of a company, but your account is not associated with a corporate email address. Please understand that YouTube receives a large number of fraudulent copyright takedown requests, some of which involve impersonating the company that holds copyright to the material in question. In order to prevent this, we need to ask you for more information.
Please help us verify that you are affiliated with the corporate entity listed as the copyright owner in your notice. There are several ways you can do this:
  1. If you have a corporate email address, please forward this message to that address and then respond to from there, preserving the ticket number in the subject line. 
  2.  If your company doesn't have a corporate email address, please provide a website or other publicly available listing where we can verify your company's existence and your affiliation with it.
  3. If neither of these options is applicable to you, please provide an explanation.
  4. If you do not actually represent a company, please let us know.
Please understand that the content will remain live on the site until we have received this verification.
- The YouTube Team

In the meantime, I am storyboarding 5 episodes of the next Watchcat series, you can see the first two as rough animatics if you click here. I'm concentrating on drawing up the storyboards frames to create a final version as an animatic. The animatics will all have final sound fxs and music. We hope to show them to see if we will be able to make a real animation series or just finish the animation the way we want it to look.

I really don't think I can devote all my time and effort animating these next episodes by myself. I discovered that the first two episodes, each about 3 minutes in length, took me a year to produce. And so, I am asking for an interested animators out there who know Toon Boom Harmony to email me at If you have time to produce a scene or two, perhaps you could use the final scenes in your animation portfolio. 

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NEXT WEEK: Meet a real crimefighting Watchcat!

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