Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Meet a real crimefighting Watchcat

For one great moment in time, The city of Los Angeles turned into Gotham City for a very special tribute to Adam West. 

A couple of Weekends ago, we asked our friends on Facebook to help boost our views on our Watchcat episodes and other videos on our Youtube channel: WatchCat Films. We started the weekend with Watchcat01 = 597 views and Watchcat02 = 968 views. I am happy to report that Watchcat 01 is at 634  and Watchcat02 jumped up to 1,033 views. We also have reached 98 subscribers to our WatchCat Films channel. Keep the views coming!

A lot of the recent increase in views is the result of a person who was using our Watchcat logo without our permission. A few week ago, we had never heard of Martinsville in Morgan County, Indiana, but there is a crime watch group known as the Martinsville Watchcat who prowl the streets, keeping their eyes open and reporting crime or any suspicious activity.

The leader of this group is Brian Wagaman, aka wagswayz on Youtube. He came up with his Watchcat group about the same time we started to animate our first episode. Just by chance, we saw the video below and were surprised to see our Watchcat logo in his video.

At first, we contacted YouTube, but since we are not a corporation, they couldn't do anything for us. I emailed Brian through his email page and discovered that he had found our logo and thought it was a stock image.

"I started a crime watch group called WATCHCAT...
To find a logo i just googled watchcat and found the eye with cat ears. I had no clue how to reach anybody to ask for permission to use it, so i was hoping it was just a stock image. 

But...i totally understand your position and i will refrain from using it in future videos. I do apologize. I assure you i did not intent to make any gain monetarily with the logo, we just needed a symbol that stood for the good people in town that warned the criminals that we are watching."

After watching some of Brian's other videos, we discovered he's also a musician, tattoo artist, cat rescuer as well as crimefighter CatMan!

I'm not sure if Brian dresses this way when he fights crime, but if he does, that's one dude I would not like to meet in a dark alley!
It turns out, Brian is one of the good guys and helps cats who have been abused or abandon. He also keeps watch on his fellow humans with his WATCHCAT Morgan County, Indiana post on Facebook. A place where residence can report their concerns and help keep their town safe. 

And so, we want to help this cause by allowing Brian use our logo as long as he gives us credit and a link to our Watchcat Films Channel on Youtube. We also would like him to help us promote our films to his subscribers as well. 

We are glad there is a real life Watchcat keeping the streets safe in Morgan County, IN.

Do you have a real Watchcat story or a picture of your real life Watchcat? Let us know and we will include it on this blog. Send your stories, images, etc to heyjimr@gmail.com

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