Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Watchcat Wednesday 4/19

This Week:  
We submitted Watchcat 2 to Comicpalooza film festival held at the Comicpalooza Con in Houston, Texas on May 12 -14th. We will let you know if the episode gets in or not. It looks like the Texas version of ComicCon and would be a great place to find an audience!

I met actor Ahmed Best at my school and he gave a talk about acting. Afterwards, I handed him a Watchcat business card. Now, go Google him and guess what character he made famous in 1999?

Button, button, who wants a Button?
Last week, 3 pin designs were posted and we asked which was best, which came in second and third place. And here's the results of our Pick a Pin Contest.

 Design A received  3 votes
 Design B received  6  votes

Design C received 6 votes

We will have all 3 designs available for purchase at the Festival...

Our Watchcat T-shirt designs are in the process of being printed and we hope to have them by the weekend because....

Next weekend: The Burbank Arts festival and we will have a limited amount of XL T-shirts available for purchase.  


Come meet us, Greg Bradley and Jim Richardson, the creators of Watchcat. Visit our tent and if you mention the "Watchcat Files", we'll give you a free autographed Watchcat postcard to go with any Watchcat T-Shirt purchase. If you are really nice, you might even get a drawing of Watchcat!!!

Click Watchcat Weekend! to let us know if you are planning to attended: 

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