Tuesday, April 11, 2017

For Watchcat Wednesday 4/12

We just hit our 13,000 blog view this weekend and we will  officially be celebrating when we hit 15,000 views.

This week, we are getting ready for the Burbank Arts Festival on the weekend of April 29 and 30th.  


We need your vote!  

Which Pin design is your favorite, from these 3 designs? We are in the process of printing up these Watchcat collector pins and need your vote.
Design C
Design A

Which design wins first, second or third place?
Design B
The Burbank Arts festival is still a few weeks away, so please let us know your Design choice and if you might be visiting Burbank soon. Please leave a comment below and as always, click on an ad to show your support!.

We hope to sell a few Watchcat T-Shirts too...

on sale for $15 !

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This week, we got 4 clicks which yielded .39 cents which is the most clicks we have had in a while. Right now, were only at $26 bucks and Google won't write us a check until they get $100 or more in clicks. So click the ads whenever you visit this blog! Thank You!