Wednesday, March 4, 2015

9 Lives and Counting Down

I've been trying to support my friends project called Noir, by pushing their IndieGoGo Campaign on this blog. They only have 8 days left and counting to raise as much money as they can to make their film a reality. They have the cameras, lights, even a sound stage along with a great cast of very talented Actors, but they need your financial support, anything to help off set production costs down the road.

If you supported Noir or would like to, please click on the link above. Thank you in advance!


Ok, so back to our blog. 
We are planning to move this blog to our new WatchCat website where we hope to keep everything in one place. This new blog will continue to document the making of the second part of our first episode. And before we start asking for your financial support, we want to make sure we can deliver the second episode and continue to build an audience, just like you! And as always, your feedback is very important to us, even if its a few words. So don't be shy...

And so, here are some more rough storyboards continued from our last post. As you can see, this next episode will have a lot more action. Enjoy!

 Next time, we will welcome you to our new blog location! See you then...

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