Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Welcome Watchcat Wednesday 2017

2017 begins and this is the time when New Year's resolutions are made and broken a week later. We hope not to break this one, which is to make more shorter Watchcat episodes this year than last year.

We begin the year, by thanking all our 2016 viewers, many who live in different countries around the world. The top ten countries are as follows:

United States     7964
United Kingdom

And we are still amazed that "Famous Felines in Animation 2" got 1127 views, this post appeared 2 years ago when we started on Watchcat 2 and needed something to keep people viewing our blog while I worked on shots to talk about later. The first "Famous Felines in Animation", only received 100 views so far.  

Early Beat boards from Watchcat Episode 2
That was then, this is Now...

Now that we have a few Watchcat episodes under our collars. We want to streamline our productions into shorter episodes and set up scene files, so that other animators can work on them. Once in place, we hope to be able to send scenes to interested animators who they can animate and send back to us to be used in a future episodes. The participating animator would receive screen credit and they could use their finished animation scene in their demo reel.

We also want to take our Watchcat ideas to the big studios around town to see if making these shorts might lead to something bigger. We are continuing to find a bigger audience, really appreciate the growth of viewers over the past year and hope you will continue to support us in the coming year.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!
Greg and Jim