Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rough Animation finishing up.

Things are going well as all the rough animation is finishing up. Its nice to have only 6 scenes to deal with instead of 45 or 50 as in the previous Watchcat episodes. My good friend, Alejandro Torres has created a nice wintery looking house which you will see more of at the end of the short. Here's a photo of the "house in progress".

Last week, we got a really nice email from Lindsey Villagomes, who we met at CTN Animation expo this year. We gave her our Watchcat Episode 2 postcard and she was kind enough to send us this feedback.


I met you both at CTN this year and I just wanted to say that WatchCat is amazing! I absolutely love the atmosphere it sets up as well as the sense of humor. There was so many times that I would just burst out laughing from expressions on the character's faces to certain things character's would say. It's a great project and I can't wait to see more in the future! :D And I will for sure be spreading the word of WatchCat around!


This came at a time when I was considering saving the Holiday episode for next Christmas. After reading Lindsey's letter it let me know that at least someone took the time to let us know they liked what we are doing. It also helped me keep on track and get this Holiday episode done in time.

And so, here's our rough animation for Lindsey and other people who like what we are up to.

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