Wednesday, November 16, 2016

For your consideration, Watchcat 2

As I write this, I can't believe we have finally come to the end of this project. What started off as a webseries to introduce Watchcat in episode 1, only hinted at what this cat could do. A Batman in cat form, a mysterious protector of the neighborhood on the watch for crime and criminals alike. 

Could we tell a story about a crime fighting cat in animation, with editing and original music? A mini motion picture of a cat hero that people would want to follow in every episode? Would we find an audience, get millions of hits and maybe even fund more episodes using a crowd funding situation? All these questions take time and effort to answer, but hopefully we will find out what you, our audience thinks about all of this.

We made Episode 2 to continue to follow the characters we introduced and and how our cat would deal with them. Both parts equal a whole and if people like it enough, we will do more. Maybe not 3 minutes an episode, but shorter situations could add to this cat's tale. 

So if you like what you see, click on the ads. the Google money generated will be donated to our local animal shelter. Click on our facebook page, like the page and share this with friends, family and other Watchcat owners. 

Special Offer:
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  1. Fantastic!!! So fun! I love the music and the idea of this cute little cat being a bad - ass and hero :)

  2. Absolutely wonderful !!. It's about time we had a feral feline crime fighter. A super-claw.

  3. I just watched the web series. I like the concept and thought it was well done. I'd want to see more. Like how do the cat and dog know each other? What made this cat become a vigilante? Also the tone is dark and brooding like Batman, but will this be a parody of Batman? Will the tone remain the same and will this be a serious web series or a comedy or dramaedy? Lots you can do and many directions you could go.