Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Inside of NOIR

I am currently working on turning rough animation scenes into final shots. I'm taking the next 3 weeks to finish up as many shots as I can before school is out for the Summer. I;ve got about 45 scenes to go and estimate that I will be done by the end of June or July. In any case, here are several final scenes for your review and comments.

In the meantime, Gregory Bradley and Lee Anthony Smith are finishing up principal photography on their feature film "Noir". An indiegogo campaign will be happening sometime in May for post production. The date of this will be published in this blog in the next few weeks. 

Until then, Greg and Tony want to thank everyone who's been supporting their indie film and ask everyone to continue to Like their NoirTheFilm Facebook page & follow them on Instagram and Twitter. 
Here's are some production stills from their film, NOIR.

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