Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Our first Blogcast!

On Friday, February 26th at 7pm PST, we had our first live streaming experience and it was not a pleasant one. Everything that could go wrong, did. We had sound trouble making it impossible for anyone tuning in to hear us or to learn more about our project WatchCat. 

We also discovered that our 5,000 views have gone up since then to 5403! And so, here's a quick and shorter version of our blogcast...enjoy!

Friday, February 26th was the 108th birthday of Animation Director,Tex Avery. We had planned to show a few cartoons that he made, however legal issues over broadcasting them came up, and we weren't allowed to show them. I did find this link to a bunch of his cartoons for you to enjoy. 

We will announce our next WatchCat Blogcast featuring "NOIR" and as always your comments or feedback is important to us. Until next Watchcat Wednesday...