Tuesday, January 5, 2016

First WatchCat Wednesday of 2016

Welcome to the first posting of 2016 and to let you know that shortly after we reached 4500 blog views, we did a live streaming on our Youtube channel to test the waters. We got about 25 views shortly after and discovered that our blog views popped up to 4664 just a few days into the New Year.

We plan to do this again and will let you know when you can see us live and ask questions. But until then, did you know that on this on this day in 1945, the first Pepe Le Pew cartoon, "Odorable Kitty" debuted, but this almost didn't happen... 

When the Warner Bros producer Eddie Selzer, who replaced Leon Schlesinger, heard the plans to do a short about a skunk he screamed: "Absolutely Not! Nobody will like a cartoon skunk!"  Chuck Jones recalled: "As soon as he said no, I knew we just had to do it." Selzer's final opinion:" Nobody will laugh at that shit!" The short went on to win an Oscar. Selzer later went on into network T.V. 

And so, here's Pepe's first appearance known as "Henry" by his wife and has mistaken a disguised male cat as a female skunk! Sorry Mr. Selzer, but people are still laughing at this cartoon.

Watching someone animate a scene, might be as exciting as watching someone paint a house or knit a sweater. In the coming months, you will be able to watch me animate! Below is a brief test for documenting an animated scene I'm currently working on.

Video test from Toondini on Vimeo.

And after all the rough animation is done, I will shoot a "pencil test" to check the timing and other factors before I finish it up in color it. Here too, I'll show how it moves in future postings!

As soon as I have enough scenes together, Greg and I will have another live streaming party in the garage and show what we have so far. And remember to click on the ads to show your support for this blog! Every little click helps...

Happy New Year!

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