Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Revised Storyboards


A writer will write up a first draft of a story and put it away for a little while, in order to see the material later with fresh eyes. As a storyboard artist, I am doing the same thing visually. I noticed that our bad guys see the cat too soon, which doesn't build any tension during the story. We also only want to see only glimpses of the cat in action at first, until revealing its the cat closer to the end of the episode. 

This weekend, I went back over the storyboards and revised a bunch of scenes. I also made a rough animatic, to see how the new material cut together. I think the story is finally working now and I have been preparing scene layouts and adding them to scene folders. I've counted 41 or so scenes in this episode and below are a few of the new storyboards...

 The Cat's shadow zips by...

That's a Flashlight that falls to the ground.

Trying not to give away too much of the story by only showing some of the storyboards. Do you understand what's going on? Is it making sense? Should I keep going? Send me a comment.

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