Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Animation Garage Band

I've also been busy cleaning out my garage and set up my animation drawing table to get back to work on the next episode of WatchCat. There will be a lot more action scenes and I want to animate it on paper, scan in the drawings and clean up them up digitally. It might take me more time to finish, but I think the different animation styles will work better.

 The Animation work bench; impressed?

  My trusty Animation disc and table


I also do work in this century as well, my Cintiq now sits next to its Animation table cousin plugged into my laptop and ready to roll.


Real Animators do it with pegboard...

Here's my set up for shooting pencil tests using monkeyjam software and a small webcam.
After I have the animation drawings, I can plug the webcam into my laptop and shoot a test to get an idea of the timing and motion. Here's a very rough test using this set up, see what you think...

All I need to do now is to install an air conditioner or a really big fan and I'll be animating in cool comfort during the hot summer. I have a feeling, I will be animating in the evening when its cooler. Either way, I hope to post more work in progress soon.    

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