Wednesday, December 3, 2014

WatchCat Episode 2

It was a busy November getting our first WatchCat episode put together in time for this year's CTN Animation Expo. We walked around in our stylish WatchCat logo t-shirts, promoting our webseries by handing out postcards and business cards to everyone we met along the way.

And now, its December and we are beginning the storyboard process for our next WatchCat episode. In the coming months, every WatchCat Wednesday you'll see the second episode go from Storyboards, to Animatic and eventually into the final show.

Story sketches for the next one.

We promise not to leave you hanging this time around and hope you will send us some feedback to keep us on track. So, here's the first episode if you missed it and if you like it, send it to a friend or two thousand and visit our WatchCat Facebook page as well.