Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Story Begins...

Before completing our first episode, I thought I would attempt to document the making of this project. I have included our rough beginning storyboards, character designs and other materials related to the production of WatchCat.

Greg Bradley came up with the idea of a neighborhood Watch cat after always seeing a cat in his neighborhood and wondered why it was always sitting in the same spot. We started talking about this idea and eventually started to develop it into a series of short webisode featuring our cat character.

Early character designs started with idea of a cat with a stop sign head, but idea didn't look right at all. We asked people we knew and some we didn't, which cat they liked the best. We narrowed it down to a black cat who will change his look whenever bad things are going on.
Rough storyboards were next as well as other characters that WatchCat can interact with in future 

Told you they were rough, but that's just the beginning of the process.

As I write this, our first episode is about a month or so away. I'm very excited to share this process with you and I'll be tiptoeing through scenes in production without revealing too much or spoiling future episodes. Hopefully, you will join our adventure and help us make it even better. We're working on an official website as well.

This is a learning experience for us, so any feedback is gratefully welcomed and if you like what you see,  please let us know and follow us.

Thank you,