Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Watchcat at CTN Roadtrip

The Burbank Arts Festival was held on San Fernando road between Magnolia and E. Angeleno Ave or also known as beautiful Downtown Burbank. We set up our table as a part of the CTN Roadtrip to let people know we have a project on YouTube called Watchcat and attempt to build more of any audience.

The weather was fine over the weekend and even though it rained over night, everything dried out by mid-morning when the event resumed on Sunday.

We came to sell Watchcat T-Shirts, Coloring books, Pins and gave away a lot of Watchcat Postcards directing people to our Watchcat Films YouTube channel. We also handed out flyers for our NOIR Indiegogo champaign.

Welcome to the modern way of Self Promotion. Having a website is fine, however any event where you can actually meet your future audience is a very special place to be.
Oh sure, most of your audience is passing by your booth, walking their dogs or pushing their kids in strollers and often at the same time. They're looking around for something new and there were a lot of artists to see this weekend.
We learned a lot about displaying artwork to the audience passing by the booth. We need to invest in a large banner which will hang behind our table of wonders. The passersby often are looking up to see what is at the tent they are approaching. Any signage taped to the front of a table is often missed or only seen by small children, who can't read yet.

Walking around to see the other booths was a real education, some people used the wires above their tent to display artwork. Others created simple displays to hold prints or books they created.

We learned a lot about exhibiting artwork this time around and have a whole year to see if we want to do this again or not. 

We had great weather, met a lot of people, handed out postcards  and even sold some T-shirts, Coloring books and pins as well.
 And so, until the next Burbank Arts Festival.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Burbank Arts Festival 2019

The weekend of May 18th and 19th, Watchcat Films will be a part of the CTN Roadshow at this year's annual Burbank Arts Festival. 

We had a table a few years ago and had a great time meeting everyone who walked up to ask, "What's Watchcat"? At the time we only had XL T-Shirts to sell and learn not everyone can wear an XL shirt. So this time around, we have a variety of official Watchcat shirt sizes in red and black. And we will also have Watchcat pins for sale.

We met a lot of young art collectors...
And famous characters like Captain Hook and...
The Hand known as "Thing" from the Addams Family liked our pin which belongs to Burbank Magician, Christopher Hart.
Stop by Booth #10 for official Watchcat T-Shirts, pins and we have a new Coloring Book for sale. 

Or pay for an original drawing, drawn right before your eyes! 

Everyone who stops by will get a free Collector's Watchcat postcard. So make your weekend plans today and share this with a Watchcat friend!

Can't make it? Then support our friends at NOIR the film.
See you later.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

NOIR's Indiegogo Campaign

Eric James of Neal Adams Crusty Bunkers Comicbook shop in Burbank
The final Indiegogo campaign for NOIR began on Sunday, May 5th and has 38 days to go. A fund raising party occurred on the same day to kick off the campaign, premiere the new trailer and screen a rough cut of the film to invited cast, crew and friends. 

The film has been completely shot and the funds received this time will be going toward special effects shots, finishing up the editing and sound process. Take a look at the new trailer below, without giving away any of the awesome story, enjoy.
Noir-teaser-2 from Lee Anthony Smith on Vimeo.
If you would like to learn more about this film and how you can help fund it, please visit their Indiegogo page today. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

NOIR the film

Four years ago, two writers decided to take one of their scripts and make it into their own feature film project. Its been quite a journey up to this point, but now the end is in sight for an upcoming feature film known as Noir. 
Greg and Tony set up their first Indiegogo campaign and were able to raise enough money to begin the production. Being a very low budget film, they knew they had to have a good cast to help flush out all the characters in the film. A lot of time was well spent in the casting process to find the right actors with the most patience during the production process.

Here's a short interview with Greg Bradley and Lee Anthony Smith about Noir and how you can help them finish the film.

The Indiegogo campaign is up and running, please visit it here. You can also learn more about the film by visiting @noirthefilm on Instagram and Facebook, 

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Next Post: The NOIR launch party results and the upcoming Burbank Arts Festival (Watchcat Weekend) May 18/19

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The NOIR promo

It has been some time since our last Watchcat Wednesday, but we have a few events happening in May that you might be interested in attending. Beginning on May 5th, you can be apart of an Indiegogo campaign for NOIR, an independent feature film. 

Take a look at the preview below to learn more about this new film.

Coming up May 18/19: Burbank Arts Festival
Watch for our Watchcat table full of official Watchcat merch!


Sunday, December 30, 2018

Watchcat Year in Review 2: Electric Boogaloo

Will this be the year of the Watchcat?

Let's take a look back at 2018.

Watchcat Films, our Youtube channel began the year with
121 subscribers and has gained 63 new subscribers, we begin 2019 with 184 subscribers. 

Our Watchcat files blog views have also increased in size. We began with 20,250 views and grew to 46,891 views or 26,641 new views in 2018. I guess some people like what we are doing? 

We started 2018 with this New Year's Greeting...

Posted several Watchcat Reviews of different films that we enjoyed this year.

Also started a new segment called "Jim Draws" where Jim drew stuff and talked about it. 

Time was hard to come by to work on episodes this year, but we managed to turn out two. The Halloween episode was boarded like this,
but it was a lot of work to produce and so, creative editing was used to tell a different shorter story.

My thanks to Joel Brinkerhoff for helping me animate Mikey. 

And we finished 2018, by finishing the Holiday episode this time, playing around with black and white.

What about 2019?
Its time to concentrate on writing a complete Watchcat story which could be turned into a graphic novel or a series of shorts. Greg will be writing it this year, complete with a Backstory, Character flaws and development, a 3 act story structure to tell more of a complete story, if one exists as a graphic novel, screenplay or TV series?

Planning to get a table at this year's Burbank Art Festival , May 18 & 19, to help promote Watchcat to the public and hopefully sell some merch. We were there in 2017 and had a 
great weekend.

In 2018, we donated to $200 to Big Cat Rescue. With your ad clicks, we reached our first Google $100 goal and are continuing to do so. 

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Click now to wish us a Happy New Year!

Love to hear from you in the comments section below...

Here's hoping you have a great 2019 in the New Year and thank you for your continued support! 

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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Watchcat Xmas 2018 is here

Sometimes, it is better to give than to receive and Watchcat will be there to keep eye on the holidays this year. Please share this video with your friends, families and have a happy and safe holiday season...

Watchcat has even been there when Santa needed help...

And it was this first Holiday episode that started it all...

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Happy Holidays, Everyone!